Economic burden of common variable immunodeficiency: annual cost of disease

Sadeghi B1
Abolhassani H
Naseri A
Rezaei N
Aghamohammadi A


In the context of the unknown economic burden imposed by primary immunodeficiency diseases, in this study, we sought to calculate the costs associated with the most prevalent symptomatic diseasecommon variable immunodeficiency (CVID).


Direct, indirect and intangible costs were recorded for diagnosed CVID patients. Hidden Markov model was used to evaluate differentdisease-related factors and Monte Carlo method for estimation of uncertainty intervals.


The total estimated cost of diagnosed CVID is US$274,200/patient annually and early diagnosis of the disease can save US$6500. Hospital admission cost (US$25,000/patient) accounts for the most important expenditure parameter before diagnosis, but medication cost(US$40,600/patients) was the main factor after diagnosis primarily due to monthly administration of immunoglobulin.


The greatest cost-determining factor in our study was the cost of treatment, spent mostly on immunoglobulin replacement therapy of the patients. It was also observed that CVID patients' costs are reduced after diagnosis due to appropriate management.


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