Frequency of Genotype With ΔF508 Mutation in CFTR Gene Among Iranian Cystic Fibrosis Patients With Pancreatic Insufficiency

Khodadad A1
Elahi E2
Bani Hassani SS3
Rouhani P3
Sadeghi B4
Rezaei N5


Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most prevalent lethal autosomal recessive disease with a broad spectrum of phenotypes. Mutation of ΔF508 in the CFTR gene is the most important and lethal mutation in CF, which contains 70% of all predisposing mutations for CF worldwide.


Determining frequency of genotypes with ΔF508 mutation in CFTR gene, and evaluation of correlation between genotype and phenotype of Iranian patients with CF.


Thirty six patients were included in this cross sectional study. ΔF508 mutations in both alleles of the CFTR genewere checked.


Among 36 pediatric patients, ΔF508 mutation was detected in 9 (25%) patients; 2 patients were heterozygous, and 7 patientshomozygous for this mutation. From overall 72 tracked alleles, 11 (15.2%) were found to have ΔF508 mutations. Differences in prevalence of dyspnea and bronchiectasis were significant in homozygote group, compared with non-mutated group for ΔF508.


It seems that more ΔF508 mutated alleles lead to more severe symptoms of CF.


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