WHO collaborative meeting regarding PID and Polio infection

On 28-30th October 2019, Prof. Aghamohammadi, RCID president participated in WHO collaborative meeting regarding PID and Polio infection which held in Amman, Jordan. The initiation is toward the eradication of polio in which should consider OPV vaccination in PID patients since these patients can be the reservoir of polio for the long-term since the virus can proliferate in their gastrointestinal tract. From Iran, Dr. Mohsen Zahraei, head of the CDC center of Ministry of health and Dr. Shahmomohammadi, head of national polio diagnostic lab and Prof. Aghamohammadi reported a current project and national plan for the survey of diagnosed patients and strategy regarding the diagnosis of the undiagnosed patient using PID network. The other programs of the meeting were focused on the global and regional condition of polio infection and vaccination using OPV, sharing of experiences between four countries including Iran, Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt and unique proposal drafting for the future plan for several countries.