A mechanistic review on plant-derived natural compounds as dietary supplements for prevention of inflammatory bowel disease

Farzaei MH1
Bahramsoltani R3
Abdolghaffari AH4
Sodagari HR6
Esfahani SA7
Rezaei N8

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a recurrent idiopathic inflammatory condition, characterized by disruption of the gut mucosal barrier. This mechanistic review aims to highlight the significance of plant-derived natural compounds as dietary supplements, which can be used in addition to restricted conventional options for the prevention of IBD and induction of remission. Various clinical trials confirmed the effectiveness and tolerability of natural supplements in patients with IBD. Mounting evidence suggests that these naturalcompounds perform their protective and therapeutic effect on IBD through numerous molecular mechanisms, including anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory, anti-oxidative stress, modulation of intracellular signaling transduction pathways, as well as improving gut microbiota. In conclusion, natural products can be considered as dietary supplements with therapeutic potential for IBD, provided that their safety and efficacy is confirmed in future well-designed clinical trials with adequate sample size.


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